AUSTRIAPRO is a private association within the sphere of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, with the remit to promote the adoption of international standards. AUSTRIAPRO and PARADIGMA were Austrian partners in the GILDANET project.



BFI SteiermarkBFI STEIERMARK is a regional training center located in Graz, Styria. In the context of the TraLoTra - Blended Learning for multimodal logistics project, the institute translated and succesfully piloted training materials as part of their regular curriculum.





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The Logistics Ccoperation Center of Kornwestheim in Germany was a project partner in the TraLoTra endeavour and contributed substantially to the development of a curriculum of multimodal transport.



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The Port Authority of Venice was a member of the ALPCHECK project consortium and in cooperation with PARADIGMA successfully implemented the "weigh-in-motion" pilot.






WU LogoThe Vienna Business School's Institute of Transport and Logistics was a project partner in the Innorfdat-X : A new approach to collect road transport statistics project, contributing to the development of the business plan, as well as assessing the necessary changes in the national legal framework. The institute also participated in the iMoVe - Road Transport Model project, investigating the applicability of new data collection methodologies.




Gebrueder Weiss LogoGebrueder Weiss was an industrial partner in the INNORFDAT-X project, providing input to the definition of the common interface to their transport management system (TMS) and piloting the application.




Petschl Transporte LogoPetschl Transporte was also an industrial partner in the INNORFDAT-X project, providing data from onboard units in addition to TMS data and piloted the solution.




AIT logoAIT was a research partner in the INNORFDAT-X project, contributing algorithms to infer routes from GPS data in combination with freight and consignment data.