Romanian Agricultural Census - Use of SuperCROSS to analyse, publish and disseminate census data - Presentation at ISI Conference 2011 in Dublin
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Like other member states of the European Union, Romania has started the agricultural census in 2010. Prior to embarking on the effort, the Romanian NSO has tendered the procurement of systems and technical support for the collection, production, analysis and dissemination of the census data.


The application was to provide functions to support the cleansing and data corrections necessary to deliver the required statistical quality levels. Tabulation, statistical analysis and publication was to be performed in the “BI – System” & the “Publication System”.
The reason for the deployment of a "BI System" on top of the cleansed authentic data, was to have one statistical repository for analysis, dissemination and reporting only, and to provide functions for the efficient execution for each of these tasks:

  • Tabulation and statistics to analyze the data
  • Dissemination  to EUROSTAT using SDMX
  • Integration with INS publication process
  • Multilingual tables for INS  publications
  • Presentation of metadata.

A Romanian consortium supported by PARADIGMA and Space-Time Research was awarded the contract and has since developed a decentralized data entry solution for microdata collection, a central authentic database as well as a BI-System using SuperSTAR. The solution offers rich statistical functions, supports the use of metadata, multilingual output, SDMX based dissemination of data and is integrated in the publication process.