The TraLoTra project's objective was the development of curricula and training materials for logistics personell, whose responsibility included planning and operating of multimodal transport chains. A consortium led by the Itialian region of Bergamo had been awarded a contract by the European commission to use state of the art teaching methods and technologies to that end.

PARADIGMA, a member of the consortium,  contributed to these efforts by

  • introducing the "blended learning" concept,
  • developing course materials for the "supply chain management" course with the support of the Vienna Business school;
  • the development of a separate course teaching the concepts of international standards and the exchange of electronic business documents;
  • implementing these courses with others on an e-learning platform based on the open source project moodle.

To test these novel concepts in the context of professional training institutions in Austria, a trial was run by "bfi Steiermark". This trial was supported by PARADIGMA by providing a German translation of parts of the curriculum, the integration of these materials within the institions e-learning platform and through orchestrating topical classes and workshops with students.