Statistik_Austria_scaled_177Statistics Austria’s deployment of self service reports - Presentation at ISI Conference 2011 in Dublin

National road accident statistics have been collected and compiled in Austria since 1961. Police are documenting each accident on public roads involving casualties using paper forms.


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As of Jan 2012, data describing the details of accidents will be collected electronically by the police authorities. Pre-validated data is transmitted daily to Statistics Austria using web –services. Monthly updates are published traditionally using reports as well as using SuperWEB, to allow controlled, self service access of defined users.

As part of the new collection system, new attributes and new values sets will be collected, such as details regarding the drivers license, vehicle types, description of the location ...

PARADIGMA has been commissioned by Statistics Austria to  implement  an automated process, integrating the daily deliveries of accident records from the Ministry of Interior, applying validation rules, compiling the cleansed authentic data and feeding the micro data in a SuperSTAR database.

In cooperation with user groups and road safety experts,  a set of sample reports have been developed to enhance the accessibility of the statistics.

Benefits of the new process:

  • lower cost of production (data capture)
  • enhanced quality of the collected statistics through validity checks close to the source and seamless production process
  • significant reduction of efforts to produce ad hoc analyses and reports, which are more numerous in road statistics than elsewhere
  • partial shift of analyses workload from the NSO's statisticians to the ultimate users of the data
  • better prevention of road accidents through the collection of additional factors