Baltic Adriatic Corridor: a core TEN-T corridorIn 2014 the nine TEN-T Core Network Corridors will go through a process of several corridor studies. These studies will compile existing knowledge and perform an analysis of the infrastructure, transport services rendered and stakeholders involved. Results of these studies will support a multi-lateral decision making process to identify investments necessary to meet the policy objectives.
As part of a team led by LeighFisher, PARADIGMA will contribute to a study requested by the European Commission, which will provide the basis of discussion for drawing up the work plan for the Baltic-Adriatic corridor. On the basis of this study, the European Coordinator will finalize the work plan together with the Member States concerned and in consultation with the Corridor Forum.

PARADIGMA's experts will be primarlily engaged in collecting the relevant socio-economic, transport demand, infrastructure and services related data for the study area, with a specific focus on those relevant to the definition of the existing and future mobility and traffic demand along the corridor. Analysing this repository of transport related statistics and studies we will contribute our expertise in identifying bottlenecks and areas of intervention.

The main use of this empirical foundation will be the development of the Baltic-Adriadic Multimodal Model (BAMM), where we will be able to make use of our data harmonization and transport modeling expertise.